2012 Camry: "The One and Only" with Lee Min Ho – Season 1, Ep 4 (English) | Toyota

2012 Camry: "The One and Only" with Lee Min Ho - Season 1, Ep 4 (English) | Toyota

In the dramatic conclusion of “The One and Only”, our hero must prove his identity to win back the love of his life. Without the Camry, he would not have made it this far, and there’s no way he’s going to give up now. Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.

Watch the entire web series as it unfolds and learn more about the reinvented 2012 Camry at: http://www.toyota.com/oneandonly/film.html

To view this Episode in
Mandarin Subtitled — http://youtu.be/u4QYE1scrlY
Korean — http://youtu.be/q2InrQH8SaA
Vietnamese Dubbed — http://youtu.be/IOEPOmtZZto Toyota USA

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“The One and Only” with Lee Min Ho – Season 1, Ep 4 (English) | 2012 Camry | Toyota