Vojtech Stransky give us tips from his sketching process for #drawdrawdraw

Vojtech Stransky give us tips from his sketching process for #drawdrawdraw

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When exterior designer Vojtech Stransky was unable to return to our design studio in Shanghai after a trip home to Europe, due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was presented with an opportunity to work alongside the team at Nissan Design Europe, finding new ideas for future projects.

Nissan’s global design team looks to connect a worldwide community of artists through the #drawdrawdraw social project. Nissan is offering a creative outlet for our fans to express their artistic side with a coloring book, videos, and encouraging fans to show their own creations!

Show us your creative side by tagging your downloaded coloring book pictures or your original designs with #Nissan and #drawdrawdraw!

Download the coloring book here: https://bit.ly/2ZW9TW4

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